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All news / Miratorg launches Cipoletti sausages

  • 15 Mar 2018, 11:49

The company announced that its long-term strategy is to increase its production of high-quality domestic beef within the framework of the vertically integrated business model "from farm to fork". Miratorg's output of such products increased by 32% to 82 thousand tons by the end of 2017.

The company's slaughtering and processing facility has a production capacity of 130 thousand tons of meat per year and supplies more than 400 products in consumer packaging: chilled meat and semi-prepared meat products.

Furthermore, Miratorg's meat processing complex is equipped with high-tech equipment, which allows in a short time to develop new types of semi-finished products.

Also, the company is certified in accordance with international standards for food safety - HACCP, ISO, and has a Halal certificate.

Miratorg expanded the range of semi-finished beef products. The new product line includes several items, including "Cipoletti from marbled beef with dried tomatoes", "Cipoletti from marble beef with Dijon mustard".