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All news / Miratorg launches premix production with a capacity of 60 thousand tons per year

  • 28 Nov 2018, 10:27

Miratorg, Russia major meat producer, announces the launch of premix production with a capacity of 60 thousand tons per year  in Bryansk region.

The company invests 1 bln roubles to build from the scratch the state of the art production facility to enhance current vertically-integrated production chain from «field to fork». The high-tech mill ensures the company meets a growing demand for vitamin and mineral supplements to animal feed as pork and beef production aim to increase two times by 2023. Miratorg feedstuff arm include 4 feed mills with a total capacity of 1.66 million tons of mixed feed per year, which 100% meets the need for feeds of livestock and poultry divisions of the Agroholding.

Premixes are composed of microingredients such as vitamins, minerals and other essential ingredients to guarantee the animals are getting the recommended nutrition.

“The launch of the newest premix production mill reflects Miratorg’s strategy of reducing the total cost of meat and increasing its availability for consumers with a guarantee of high quality. The mill's capacity of 60 thousand tons of products annually allows not only to cover 100 per cent of our needs but to ensure supplies to the market”, - the press service of the Agroholding comments.