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All news / Miratorg launches Russia’s largest farm to raise Wagyu cattle in Kaluga region

  • 17 Dec 2018, 09:34

Miratorg, Russia’s major beef producer, launches the country’s largest farm for raising Japan breed Wagyu cattle. The farm in Kaluga region will produce over 2,000 bulls per year.

Miratorg has invested over 92 billion roubles to develop from scratch the largest in Europe vertically integrated production of high-quality beef “from field to fork”. Wagyu cattle is well-known for its extremely high level of marbling what makes it a highly sought after product on the global markets. Miratorg is focused on increasing production of its premium and eco-friendly beef to sell abroad.

The total investments into Uteshevo farm with a total parent herd of 5,000 heads will reach 1 billion roubles. The company crossbreeds Wagyu and Aberdeen-Angus breeds to get F1-offsprings.

«We are grateful to the government of the Kaluga region for the project support which is unique for Russia because of its scope, complexity and high technologies. The new investments create more jobs and boost tax income for the regional budget”, Miratorg’s Press Service says.