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All news / Miratorg opens the Chinese market for high-quality poultry

  • 06 Mar 2019, 10:36

"We see excellent opportunities for expanding business in China", Miratorg’s President Victor Linnik said.


Miratorg announced that it is the first Russian company to deliver high-quality poultry to China. After investing $380 million in a vertically-integrated poultry system in Bryansk region - from grain crop cultivation for compound feed production to deep processing - last year, the Russian company reported a total production of over 114,000 tonnes.
The complex comprises 20 poultry farms, a hatchery for 91.7 million eggs and a meat processing complex, which unique automated system meets all sanitary and veterinary requirements and ensures high quality of products.
“Export is one of the company’s top priorities since our capacities allow both covering the requirements of the domestic market and supplying competitive products to foreign markets. Miratorg views excellent opportunities for expanding business in China and this cooperation will contribute a lot in the development of trade and economic relations between our countries. We take into account the demands of consumers and are willing to offer an optimal range of products with reasonable prices and steady high quality of products”, Miratorg’s President Victor Linnik said. 
The company actively expands its market outlets for export: the countries of the Persian Gulf, Southeast Asia, Africa, the CIS, Serbia etc.