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All news / Miratorg plans to increase production of Wagyu beef to 3.5 thousand tons per year

  • 09 Feb 2024, 10:18

Miratorg presented at the Prodexpo-2024 exhibition two unique types of meat for the Russian food industry: Wagyu beef and Dry age beef. Miratorg noted that they plan to increase the production of gourmet Wagyu beef by 2031.

The production of Wagyu beef from Miratorg started in 2018, when the agricultural holding imported purebred bulls from Japan to Russia. Currently, Miratorg keeps cattle of this breed on three farms, and the livestock already numbers 16 thousand heads, the report says.

The company's breeding work has allowed it to increase the Wagyu stock and significantly increase the volume of production of meat with the highest grade of marbling. To obtain premium Wagyu beef, in addition to genetics and special housing conditions, a special feeding system is important: a special diet of corn, silage and artesian water and long-term feeding using the Slow Grow system for 500 days. The result is meat of the highest marbling - grades 5-6 and 7-8 according to the Australian system, the company noted

By 2031, the company plans to increase production of gourmet Wagyu beef to 3.5 thousand tons per year. Wagyu beef from Miratorg can now be found in stores, meat restaurants, as well as in the Steak&Burger burger chain from the Miratorg agricultural holding.