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All news / Miratorg to invest another $77.8M in a new beef processing facility

  • 25 Jun 2018, 11:55

 Miratorg announced it will start building a high-tech meat processing line at the cattle slaughtering facility.

 The company is investing over 4.9 billion roubles ($77.8 million) into the project that will supply its first batch of products to the market in January 2020.

The company said it has already invested over 80 billion roubles ($1.27 billion) to build from the scratch Europe’s largest vertically integrated production of high-quality beef.

The up-to-date line “for processing other meat products” is an integral part of the cattle slaughtering and processing complex with the capacity of 100 heads per hour. The line will process 1.8 thousand tons of raw materials to produce over 1 thousand tons of ready-made culinary meals per month. The list of products includes soups, broths, sauces, fried bacon and others.

The company announced that by increasing its processing depth, it will bring an entire line of products which are already popular among Russian consumers as well as absolutely new exclusive products to market.

Every month the line will process 1.8 thousand tons of raw materials that will be used for production of over 1 thousand tons of ready-made culinary meals. The new complex will also provide 450 new jobs while the annual tax payments will amount 201 million roubles ($3.19 million).

“This project is a logical addition to the current production of the cattle division. Miratorg strategy focuses on increasing processing depth and product-line expansion for both the domestic market and for export. The total production volume of the new complex will exceed 14 thousand tons of ready-made meals per year. Our own raw material basis, up-to-date equipment and advanced technologies will allow us to provide constant volume of ready-made meals of the highest quality at acceptable prices for broad layers of the population,” says the press service of Miratorg ABH.