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All news / Moscow meat plant produces unusual types of sausages

  • 11 Apr 2019, 09:43

The correspondent of "Moscow Today" found out what unusual sausages are made in the Moscow region and how much they cost.

From fish

The farmer Alexey Valuev organized in Istra a full-cycle enterprise for the cultivation of African catfish (clarias. - Ed.). The farm produces about 15 tons of fish per month and produces  sausages, minced meat, snacks from fish.

«They can be given to children who do not like fish, - says Alexey. - African catfish has no a bright fishy taste. Even adults cannot determine what the dish is made of. Many people mixed up our products for lamb, veal or turkey».

For babies

At the family enterprise "We have a farm" in the village of Yakovlevo, Likino-Dulyovo sausages are made from diet poultry meat. They can feed even seven-month-old babies, the producer notes.

“The product is prepared by hand,” says project manager Anastasia Nesterova. - First, the meat is rolled, that is, the skin and bones are separated. Then the fillets are finely chopped and passed through a meat cutter (large blender. - Ed.). We add milk, salt and pepper. Then, through a syringe, the mass is loaded into a natural casing».

Before use, the product requires heat treatment. According to the manufacturer, fans of sausages  may find farmers product too bland. Frying on a brazier or smoking will add spice to them. Due to the absence of artificial preservatives in the composition, the product can be stored for only three days. To extend the shelf life, sausages must be frozen.

For men

Major manufacturers are also trying to attract the attention of customers with quality and creativity. For example, the plant "Remit" in Podolsk recently began to produce sausages, which are half a centimeter larger in diameter compared to conventional sausages. The main target group for this product are men who love to eat.

“The highlight of the product is in an additional ingredient: pieces of coarsely chopped lean pork,” explains Marina Sukhareva, senior product manager at the Remit meat processing plant.