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All news / Orenburg region to exports 2,000 head of cattle to Uzbekistan

  • 11 Jun 2019, 09:21

Representatives of the cattle-breeding company Vodiy Tomorka Hizmat are in talks with exporters of the Orenburg region, the regional ministry of culture and foreign relations. The purpose of the business mission is to discuss the volumes and conditions of supplies of live cattle from the Orenburg region to the Republic of Uzbekistan. The export of cattle, sheep and goats to Uzbekistan is included in the national project “International Cooperation and Export”. The plans of the Orenburg region include the export of 2000 heads of cattle and small cattle, which must be implemented before the end of 2019. The head of Vodiy Tomorka Khizmat, Rustam Malikov, and the deputy director, Elena Bikusova, note that they have already reached an agreement with the leaders of the Orenburg Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs on the planned deliveries. Livestock companies in the region and industry associations are considered as partners in the long term. The initiative to acquire 2,000 heads of breeding cows of the Kazakh white-headed breed, goats and sheep comes from the breeders of the Fergana Valley and the Tashkent region.