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All news / Philippines and Russia: new cooperation in agriculture

  • 13 Jun 2024, 11:25

Against the backdrop of strengthening diplomatic relations between the Philippines and Russia, the Philippine Ambassador to Russia, Igor Bailen, announced his country's desire to buy meat from Russia and supply seafood in the opposite direction. This move opens up a new perspective for the development of trade and agriculture between the two countries.

Russia, with its vast territory, is truly a leader in agriculture. Its potential in producing quality meat is attracting the attention of not only the Philippines but also other countries around the world. The Philippines, in turn, specializes in seafood and is ready to offer its products on the Russian market.

This exchange is beneficial to both parties. The Philippines will have access to high-quality meat from Russia, which will help meet demand in its market. In turn, Russian seafood producers will be able to expand their markets and diversify their export strategy.

The move also helps strengthen economic ties between the two countries. The promotion of Russian meat to the Philippine market and the supply of Philippine seafood to Russia will create new jobs, promote economic growth and exchange of experience in agriculture.

Thus, cooperation between the Philippines and Russia in the field of agriculture promises to be mutually beneficial and promising for both parties. We hope that this step will be just the beginning of a long-term and successful cooperation, from which the residents of both countries will benefit.