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All news / Poultry meat consumption per Russian will be 35 kg in 2023

  • 20 Mar 2023, 10:00

Poultry meat production in Russia in 2023 should grow, according to experts' forecasts. However, consumption will remain at the level of the previous year.

The consumption of poultry meat in Russia is increasing from year to year, according to the Russian Poultry Union. In the past four years alone, per capita poultry meat consumption has risen by almost a kilogram, according to the union's report. Poultry farming. Pig breeding”, organized by the publishing house “Sphere”. However, experts expect that consumption growth will not happen in 2023.

At the same time, experts from the Russian Poultry Union predict that the growth of poultry meat production in 2023 will continue. If in 2021 5.1 million tons of poultry meat were produced, and in 2022 - already 5.3 million tons, then in 2023 experts expect an increase to 5.38 million tons of poultry meat. The increase can occur both at the expense of traditional chicken meat, and through an increase in the production of birds that are more exotic for the Russian market. For example, turkey production over the past year has increased from 358 thousand tons in 2021 to 415 thousand tons in 2022, duck - from 30.8 thousand tons in 2021 to 35 thousand tons in 2022.

Poultry meat consumption can freeze for several reasons. The purchasing power of Russians has declined over the past year, so many are saving on the composition of the grocery basket, replacing more expensive sources of protein with cheaper ones. In addition, pork and poultry meat have become equal in price, so Russians have become more likely to opt for pork meat, even in conditions of economy. Finally, Agroekport experts predict an increase in poultry meat exports to other countries, in particular, to China, where poultry meat is in great demand, so a significant part of the increase in production can be directed to foreign markets.