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All news / Poultry prices rose sharply in Russia

  • 12 Nov 2018, 08:52

Prices of chicken meat rose sharply in Russia in September. reports Ren TV. It is noted that the increase in prices mainly concerns the wholesale trade, although retail prices have also increased in some regions.

The growth was about 10–12%. So, half a year ago a kilogram of chicken meat could be bought for 122 rubles, and in September 2018 the price rose to 140 rubles.

Poultry producers believe that the rise in prices for chicken meat was caused by a noticeable rise of feed prices. Dry summer also caused some pressure on market because poultry not only did not gain weight, but also died because of heat.

Experts note that production at large poultry farms has fallen and there appeared a poultry meat deficit, while there is still high demand for chicken meat. They added that the price increase had not reached its limit.