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All news / Qatar lifts the ban on Russian poultry imports

  • 22 May 2018, 10:47

Authorities from Qatar have announced that the temporary ban on the import of poultry products from Russia has been lifted, according to a statement released by the Russian agriculture watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor.

 Representatives of Rosselkhoznadzor have negotiated with the leadership of the Department of Livestock Resources of the Ministry of Municipalities and the Environment of the State of Qatar on the issue of resuming the supply of poultry products from the territory of the Russian Federation to the State of Qatar.

The head of the Veterinary Supervision Directorate for Export-Import Operations, Transport and International Cooperation of Rosselkhoznadzor Artem Daushev and the Director of the Department of Animal Resources, Mr. Farhod Khadi Al Hajiri, discussed in detail the materials provided by the Rosselkhoznadzor earlier on the control measures for avian influenza in the Russian Federation.

"The outcome of the talks was the initiation by Mr. Farhod Khadi Al Hajiri of an immediate consideration of this issue at a meeting of the special Committee on Food Safety, which concluded on the same day that the ban on import of Russian poultry products, introduced earlier by the Ministry of Health of the State of Qatar, was lifted," Rosselkhoznadzor's statement said.

According to the Russian veterinary watchdog, during the negotiations, the Qatar side also indicated interest in imports from the territory of the Russian Federation of incubation eggs and day-old chickens (a veterinary certificate for such products was previously agreed). Rosselkhoznadzor sent a list of Russian producers of these products in working order.

Also, the Qatari officials expressed interest in importing small cattle from Russia. In this regard, the Russian side promptly provided a sample of the veterinary certificate for small cattle exported from the territory of the Russian Federation.