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All news / Responsibility of Russia-related cybercrime group REvil

  • 24 Jun 2021, 10:20

Behind the famous hacker group REvil Group Cyber ​​attacks on JBSAccording to sources who told CNBC on condition of anonymity.Caused JBS, The world’s largest meat packaging company to shut down.Responsibility of Russia-related cybercrime group REvil

Raids on the world’s largest meat traders disrupted meat production in North America and Australia, raising concerns about possible supply shortages at some point during the busy summer grill season. I did.

REvil (pronounced “R” followed by the word “evil”) is mostly composed of native Russian speakers. It is also believed to be based in the former Soviet Union. The organization runs a site on the dark web that is anachronistically known as the “Happy Blog.” If the victim does not comply with the request, the group will post the stolen document on the blog.

By Tuesday night, the company said it had made “significant progress in resolving cyberattacks” and that “most” of its beef, pork, poultry and cooked food factories would be operational on Wednesday.

White House spokesman Karine Jean-Pierre said the Biden administration has been negotiating directly with the Kremlin on the issue, “delivering the message that responsible states do not have ransomware criminals.” Stated.