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All news / Rosselkhoznadzor imposes restrictions on the supply of poultry meat from Mexico

  • 21 May 2019, 09:40

The ban will be temporary and is associated with the spread of a pathogen infection in one of the states of this country.

The Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (Rosselkhoznadzor) has banned the import of poultry from the Mexican state of Sonohr due to Newcastle disease. This is the so-called "pseudo-avian bird flue", a viral disease in chickens with pneumonia, encephalitis and multiple lesions of internal organs. Restrictions relate to the supply of live poultry and hatching eggs, as well as meat and all types of poultry products that have not undergone heat treatment. Restrictions are also imposed on feed and feed additives, with the exception of those that are of plant origin or obtained as a result of chemical and microbiological synthesis. It is difficult to estimate how significant such supplies are from Mexico, but a ban has also been imposed on the import of used equipment for the maintenance, slaughter and cutting of birds. In addition, the transit of live birds from the Mexican state of Sonora through the territory of Russia has been suspended. The ban was imposed at the time of the sanitary measures that will reduce the likelihood of further outbreaks of the disease.

Rosselkhoznadzor introduces restrictions on the supply of poultry products from Mexico for the second time.