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All news / Russia achieves 91% self - sufficiency ratio in pork

  • 13 Dec 2018, 09:35

Even if the ban imposed on European food is lifted it will be followed by low imports of pork products from the West.


The most recent EU agricultural outlook talks about the perspective on resuming food trade with Russia. Nevertheless, after 4 years of trade war between Russian and the West, the East European country doesn't seem to have much need of some products from the Western markets, especially pork.
At this time, Russia’s self - sufficiency ratio has already risen from 79 % in 2013 to 91 % in 2018. Moreover, since December 2017, Russia has also banned imports of Brazilian pork over concerns that its meat contained the growth promoter ractopamine. This was despite Brazil having a 90% share in Russian pork imports in 2017. Russia is thus practically self - sufficient in 2018. 
Russia partially lifted this latest ban only in November 2018, allowing five Brazilian suppliers to resume shipments. However, it still excludes the bigger players and, despite the ASF threat, there are big investments made by the Russian companies in the pork sector.