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All news / Russia Advances In Export Of Poultry Products

  • 22 Oct 2020, 10:40

Commentators believe that the export of poultry products from Russia will probably exceed the imports of these products for the first time.

Estimates show that during 2019, the country had 17,000 tons more imports than exports in this sector.

Meanwhile, the estimates made confirm that if the existing estimates are realized by the end of 2020, the country’s exports will grow by 33% to 280,000 tons and will exceed its imports of 230,000 tons.

It should be noted that in 2019, Russia ranked 17th in poultry exports in the world market.

These statistics have been published under the circumstances that in recent days, the increase in the price of poultry feed in Russia has caused many problems for the producers of the poultry industry.

Some experts believe that with the current trend in Russia, some companies will be forced to stop production and close. An issue that could affect the above estimates.