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All news / Russia begins to supply pork to China: new prospects for the Russian agro-industrial complex

  • 26 Feb 2024, 09:46

At the beginning of 2024, Russia began exporting pork to China, which was a significant event for both countries. This decision is the result of years of negotiations and joint efforts between the two countries to ensure the security of food supplies.

China is the largest consumer of pork in the world, and the opening of the Chinese market to Russian pork opens up new opportunities for the growth and development of the Russian agro-industrial complex. Russia, in turn, is one of the world's leading pork producers, and exporting pork to China will allow it to diversify its export markets and increase revenues from agricultural exports.

In order to gain access to the Chinese market, Russia has done a lot of work to ensure the safety and quality of its exported goods. Numerous inspections of Russian pork producing enterprises were carried out by Chinese specialists, and measures were taken to ensure that the products met all necessary requirements and standards.

Opening the Chinese market to Russian pork will also promote competition in the market and reduce pork prices for Chinese consumers. In addition, exporting pork to China will allow Russia to reduce its dependence on individual markets and diversify its export basket.

Overall, the start of pork exports from Russia to China is an important event for both countries and will contribute to the development of cooperation between the two countries in the field of agriculture and trade.