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Russia has become a leader in the number of organic producers among the EAEU countries May 26, 2023, 09:26 358 The production of organic products is actively developing in Russia, and the government has taken care to prepare the necessary infrastructure for this. The next step is to create conditions for free trade in organic products among the EAEU countries. The development of organic production in Russia was facilitated by the creation of legislative and other infrastructure, according to the Ministry of Agriculture. So, in recent years, a whole apparatus has been formed from certification bodies for organic products, a single label for such products, a register of organic producers, the report says. In addition, Russian standards for organic products are harmonized with international standards in order to simplify the export of this type of product. One of the innovations in the field of legislation on organic products is the opportunity to enter the register of organic producers for individual entrepreneurs. In addition, a lot of work has been done to develop a strategy for the development of organic production in Russia until 2030, which includes work to increase certified producers, increase exports and train professionals in the field of organic production in the country's agricultural universities. Due to these activities, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Russia has become a leader among the EAEU countries in the production of organic products. The Ministry of Agriculture noted that they are now working on the possibility of free trade in organic products between the EAEU countries. Read more at meatinfo.ru: https://meatinfo.ru/news/rossiya-vishla-v-lideri-po-kolichestvu-449657

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