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All news / Russia increased meat export by 55% in 2020

  • 28 Jan 2021, 10:14

Russia exported more than 500 thousand tons of meat in 2020, which is 55% more than in 2019, according to the Agroexport center under the Ministry of Agriculture.Russia increased meat export by 55% in 2020

The data on supplies to the EAEU countries are taken into account for January-October 2020, the message says.

In value terms, shipments increased by 54% to $ 860 million. According to preliminary data from the Federal Customs Service, which the center refers to, meat products last year became the leader in terms of export growth among the six main groups of food products.

In particular, shipments of poultry meat increased by 41%, to 285 thousand tons and by 32%, to $ 419 million. About 85% of the value fell on parts and by-products of chickens ($ 355 million), 12% - on uncut chicken carcasses ($ 51 million). Turkey meat was exported for $ 13 million, which is 2.1 times more than in 2019.

Pork export increased 1.9 times, to 187 thousand tons and 2 times, to $ 324 million. About 22% of shipments were fresh and chilled carcasses and half carcasses ($ 70 million), 18% frozen by-products ($ 60 million).

But the highest growth rates were demonstrated by sales of beef abroad. They increased 2.9 times, to 16 thousand tons and 3.3 times, to $ 85 million.

China topped the list of the largest buyers of Russian meat with a share of 37%. In February 2019, supplies of poultry meat to this country began. At the end of last year, they grew 1.8 times, to $ 265 million.In 2020, the Chinese market opened for Russian producers of cattle meat, as a result, the shipped volume amounted to 8.7 thousand tons for $ 48 million - more than half of all Russian export of beef.

Vietnam is in second place with a 16% share, largely due to the opening of its market for Russian pork at the end of 2019. As a result, the export of Russian meat to this country doubled, to 73 thousand tons, in value terms - 4.4 times, to $ 140 million. About 94% of this volume fell on pork.

Ukraine is in third place with a share of 13%. For the year, shipments were at the level of 79 thousand tons (6.8% more) worth $ 108 million (4.3% more). Moreover, 62% of the value of deliveries fell on pork, 36% - on poultry meat.

Hong Kong moved up to fourth position, which doubled imports of Russian meat to $ 65 million at the end of the year, mainly due to increased purchases of pork. At the end of 2019, Russian poultry producers gained access to the Hong Kong market; last year, the first 136 tons worth $ 338 thousand were supplied.

Kazakhstan closes the top 5 buyers of Russian meat, which increased imports by 35% to $ 52 million. But since statistics for the EAEU countries are presented for January-October, in the final data, Kazakhstan's position among importers may change, the report says.