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All news / Russia is losing its position in the Vietnamese poultry meat market

  • 19 Nov 2020, 12:50

The information and analytical agency "IMIT", based on a report prepared for the three quarters of this year, reports that the volume of supplies of chicken meat from Russia to foreign markets for the considered  period amounted 214.7 thousand tons, which is 56.7% (77.6 thousand tons) higher than the same indicator for the nine months of last year.

In the structure of exports of poultry food products produced in Russia, the dominant positions were chicken legs, wings and whole carcasses of broilers. 52% of the total supply of goods of these categories (110.8 thousand tons) fell on China, where the share of chicken paws was 51%, and the share of chicken wings - 38%. In January-September 2020, Russia took the third position among suppliers of meat and chicken offal to China after Brazil (529.9 thousand tons) and the United States (247 thousand tons). The volume of supplies of poultry meat to the markets of China and Kazakhstan for nine months on an annualized basis increased by 323% and 64%, respectively.

At the same time, Russia lost ground in poultry exports to Vietnam and Kyrgyzstan by 80% and 24%, respectively. The total volume of chicken meat supplies from Russia to foreign markets for the three quarters of this year in monetary terms amounted $ 319 million, where 64% fell on the Chinese market.