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All news / Russia lifts ban for cattle imports from the EU

  • 25 Mar 2019, 11:09

There are still a number of requirements that are to be fulfilled by the European exporters in order to resume the livestock trade.


The Russian Federal Service of Veterinary and Phytosanitary Control (Rosseljoznadzor) announced that restrictions regarding live cattle imports from the EU have been lifted "after the presentation of a report of the Directorate General of Agriculture of the European Commission on the control measures of live animals applied by the EU".
In the near future, EU Member States will be allowed to export cattle in Russia but there are some requirements that are to be fulfilled by every exporter, according to the Federal Service.
The shipments of live animals must be under the control of a Russian veterinarian accredited by the authorities, who will be responsible for issuing a certificate in case of need with the corresponding entity of the exporting country. Also, animals can only enter the Russian Federation through specialized control posts, whose list will be presented soon.