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All news / Russia maintains food self-sufficiency

  • 05 Oct 2022, 10:42

Russia is reaching the thresholds for key targets of the Food Security Doctrine and maintains food self-sufficiency, despite the fact that some of the planned indicators have not yet been met. Minister of Agriculture Dmitry Patrushev spoke about this during a government hour in the Federation Council. The current production volumes allow us to provide our own market and at the same time remain among the world's largest food exporters, he stressed. “But, of course, all indicators of the doctrine are a strategic goal, towards which we are systematically and consistently moving,” Patrushev added.Russia maintains food self-sufficiency

The head of the agricultural department recalled that ensuring food security is an ongoing process, so the ministry continues to support even those areas in which the necessary self-sufficiency has already been achieved. Moreover, the state support system is constantly being improved in response to new challenges so that the industry can adapt to them, he drew attention.

Thus, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, in a number of sectors this year it is expected to overfulfill the planned indicators of the doctrine. Provision with grain will be about 159% against the plan of 95%. The harvesting campaign is in the final stage, a historical maximum is expected in terms of the harvest - about 150 million tons of grain, including 100 million tons of wheat, the minister said. Provision with vegetable oil this year can be 200% with the target value of the doctrine of 90%, sugar - 100% with a plan of 90%.

Despite the fact that the production of potatoes and vegetables in the open field is highly dependent on weather conditions, an increase in yields is expected this year, which will allow us to get closer to the target values ​​of the doctrine. So, for potatoes, with a plan of 95%, it is possible to reach self-sufficiency of 94.3%, for vegetables - to reach a level of 89.2% with a planned 90%, Patrushev cited the data. Next year, a separate project will be launched for the development of these sectors, including one involving state support for household plots, which account for significant volumes of potato and vegetable production, he recalled.

The production of fruits and berries has almost doubled in five years, the Ministry of Agriculture expects a further systematic increase in fees, including through previously planted orchards and berry fields. Nevertheless, the level of self-sufficiency in these products this year can be only 44%, with the value of the doctrine at 60%.

After the decrease in the rate of increase in meat production last year, in particular due to the unfavorable epizootic situation, this year the industry is recording a positive trend. The level of self-sufficiency in meat will exceed 100% with a plan of 85%. Also, the country continues to systematically move towards achieving the landmark of the milk doctrine. “The target is 90%, this year we will achieve 84.3%,” Patrushev said, noting that the dairy sector receives “perhaps the maximum set of support measures.”

In addition, the head of the Ministry of Agriculture drew attention to the provision of seeds. The target indicator of the food security doctrine is 75%, last year it was possible to achieve self-sufficiency at the level of 63.4%. To increase production, the department considers it necessary to build work in contact with the state, science and business and will expand support for this area.