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All news / Russia: stock trading in pork and chicken will begin in summer

  • 29 May 2024, 07:18

This summer, significant exchange trading in pork and chicken meat will begin in Russia, which is causing increased interest among market participants. Executive Director of the National Union of Meat Processors, Nikolai Aksyonov, shared this news at the “Russia” forum, where the main directions and prospects for the development of the exchange market for Russian agricultural products were discussed.

According to the information, trading in pork will begin in June at the National Commodity Exchange, part of the Moscow Exchange group, and trading in chicken will be held later, although specific dates have not yet been announced. A special working group has been created that has determined the rules for access to the exchange and trading procedures, but details will only be available to participants immediately before the start of the auctions.

Experts express the opinion that the introduction of an exchange market for meat products helps to increase transparency and adequacy of pricing, which is important for both exporters and regulatory authorities. Given the constant increase in meat prices, the creation of such a mechanism could be a key step to stabilize the market.

Nikita Zakharov, director of the National Commodity Exchange, expressed the opinion that the meat market is a promising area for exchange trading and can become a successful case. Evgeny Burtsev, head of the department for product promotion and liquidity development of derivatives markets of the Moscow Exchange, also mentioned other types of agricultural products, trading in which will begin this year.

This innovation in exchange trading could lead to improved conditions for market participants, providing more efficient communication and stability in meat prices. It is important to monitor developments and assess the impact of this step on the meat market in Russia.