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All news / Russia will be able to supply part of the animal products to Syria

  • 07 Feb 2024, 11:14

 Russia has received approval for the supply of several types of livestock products to the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic. Russia will be able to supply part of the animal products to Syria

According to the news agency, the department agreed with the Syrian Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform on export veterinary certificates for milk and dairy products from large and small livestock, poultry meat, raw materials and by-products obtained as a result of its slaughter and processing, as well as fish products. The agreement was signed the day before.

Rosselkhoznadzor clarified that specific enterprises interested in supplying dairy products to Syria must undergo an examination by department inspectors, following which they must also be included in the register of the Cerberus information system for the above-mentioned Arab country. Without compliance with this condition, deliveries will not be possible, even if other requirements are met. This will make export transparent and secure. At the same time, the Syrian side did not determine the exact date for the start of deliveries of the above-mentioned Russian products, explaining that it will depend on the intentions of the specific importers interested in a particular batch.

Information about the approval of the supply of Russian livestock products to Syria, without specific details, was also confirmed by the Federal Center for the Development of Exports of Agricultural Products (Agroexport, owned by the Ministry of Agriculture).