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All news / Russian companies entered the top 50 of the world's largest poultry meat producers

  • 15 Oct 2020, 11:51

The American publication WATTPoultry International has compiled a rating of the 50 largest broiler meat producers in the world at the end of 2020. Brazilian company JBS tops the list with a slaughtering capacity of more than 4 billion heads per year, double the volume produced by the second largest poultry producer in the world, the American company Tyson Foods. Rounds out the top three BRF from Brazil with a slaughter capacity of more than 1.5 billion heads per year.

According to Albert Davleev, President of Agrifood Strategies, the poultry industry in Russia is currently not sufficiently consolidated, unlike, for example, in Brazil, the United States, Thailand, France and Germany. “The more we consolidate the industry, the higher our poultry producers will be in the rating,” he told Agroinvestor. "At the same time, Russia will not be able to significantly increase production volumes in the coming years." Davleev clarifies that the natural growth of industrial production in Russia this year was about 1%.

In 2019, the largest poultry farms in Russia produced 4.64 million tons of broiler meat.