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All news / Russian meat market: trends and prospects

  • 11 Jun 2024, 11:30

Russia continues to strengthen its position in the global production of meat products. Recently at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF-2024) it was announced that our country ranks fourth in the world in terms of meat production. Russia produced about 16 million tons of meat from large and small ruminants, pork and poultry last year, which exceeded 11 million tons in slaughter weight.

It is interesting to note that domestic meat consumption continues to rise, reaching a record 80 kilograms per person per year. This figure exceeds the world average by 37 kilograms. It is predicted that this year meat consumption will increase to 83 kilograms per person, which indicates a steady increase in demand for this product among the population.

In addition, Russia is actively increasing the export of meat products. Data from the government information system Argus shows that the country exported significant volumes of pork, lamb, poultry and prepared meat products to various countries. For example, pork exports increased by six percent, and lamb volumes increased 11 times. This indicates that Russian meat producers are striving to diversify their product range and increase their presence in the global market.

In general, the Russian meat market continues to demonstrate stable growth and prospects for further development. Under the leadership of President Putin and with the support of industry experts, Russia is confidently strengthening its position as one of the largest producers and exporters of meat products in the world. More details on