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All news / Russian pork production will grow by 1.1 million tons in 5 years

  • 18 Dec 2018, 08:53

By 2022 pork production in agricultural organizations of the Russian Federation will grow by almost 1.1 million tons (in slaughter weight), reaching 4 million tons. The increase in all farms will be about 900 thousand tons, to 4.4 million tons. reports "Agroinvestor" with reference to the general director of the National Union of pig producers Yuri Kovalev.

At the X International Conference "Pig-2018," he said that the main increase will come from the top 20 producing companies, which account for 63% of the total industrial pork production, and after 3 years will be at the level of 76%.

In general, over the five-year period such enterprises will increase production for more than 1.5 million tons in live weight, the largest increase (485 thousand tons) will occur in 2020.

At the end of this year market leaders will increase the production volume by 324 thousand tons in live weight. In general, in 2018  pork production in all Russian farms will grow by 224 thousand tons to 3.75 million tons in slaughter weight.