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All news / Russian President’s special envoy highlights five export development scenarios in 2020s

  • 08 Nov 2019, 08:59

Special envoy of the Russian President for digital and technology development Dmitry Peskov named five key scenarios of increasing the export share, which can be applied at the governmental level during the next decade.

"We have five basic scenarios in terms of exports. The first one is the offensive, market-based and champion’s one. This is a hypothesis that we need technology champions with high capitalization and networks worldwide in order to compete on the global market in 2020s. We will stimulate turbid growth of companies, their IPOs, set the goal, for example, of having ten unicorn companies in key areas of the technology development by 2025 and achieve this by any means," Peskov said.

A "defensive" scenario could be the second one, with the stake on development of the infrastructure and support of the domestic technological sovereignty, the envoy said. "We will either broaden powers of our monopolies to the side of digitalization and technologies or will foster new technology monopolies," he said.

Supporting growth of thousands of Russian startups with the help of export instruments of development institutions is the third, the "romantic" way of building up exports, Peskov said. The fourth one combines the first three scenarios - investments into the infrastructure and emerging quasi-monopolies, "provided that they foster ecosystems within and target global markets," he said. The fifth scenario can be that the responsibility "for all these pieces" will be diluted in collective decision-making authorities, the official added.