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All news / Russian scientists explain how to treat foodstuffs during pandemic

  • 08 May 2020, 11:58

The products, brought home from a shop, should immediately be treated with disinfectants containing alcohol, according to Svetlana Boddubko, a senior research worker and deputy chief of department at the Institute of Medical and Biological Problems under the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Everything that you bring home, all packs should be better treated with disinfecting substances containing a high percentage of alcohol, she said in her interview with RIA Novosti.

Boddubko said that food should not be disinfected with chlorine-containing means, since it might be dangerous. Such solutions are used to clean surfaces, door handles, and stair railings.

According to the biologist, fruits and vegetables bought in a shop or a market should be washed with hot water. The virus will die already at a temperature above 40C. Many mistakenly put the unwashed products in the fridge in the belief that the infection will die quicker. But Poddubko said that this is a wrong decision. According to her, the virus may remain in a fridge longer than in the air. reported earlier that, according to Russian Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Anatoly Altstein, COVID-19 infection can enter the body through the hair, and people often forget this.

He said the coronavirus could live up to three days on the hair.

Therefore, it is recommended to wear hats, the virologist noted.