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All news / Russian seaports increased grain transshipment by 1.3 times in 2020

  • 21 Jan 2021, 11:48

According to the monitoring of APK-Inform, in 2020, the export volumes of major grains from the Russian sea and river ports totaled 45.1 mln tonnes, up 25% compared to 2019.

The shipment volumes of wheat traditionally formed the major share (80%) in the structure of supplies, and totaled 36.1 mln tonnes, up 21% (6.3 mln tonnes) compared to 2019. The export volumes of corn increased by 11.4% compared with the previous year to 3.1 mln tonnes, barley shipments grew by 1.7 times to 5.8 mln tonnes.

In 2020, Turkey (7.8 mln tonnes) was the key importer of wheat, Saudi Arabia (2.8 mln tonnes) was the main destination for barley, and Iran (1.6 mln tonnes) – for corn.