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All news / Russians are not ready to give up natural meat in favor of alternatives

  • 23 Sep 2021, 10:52

Almost half of the Russians said they were not ready to abandon natural meat and replace it with an alternatives, the demand for which is growing in the EU and the USA. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the results of a study conducted by the Level Kitchen proper nutrition service. This research was conducted by a survey method on the company's website from 21 to 31 August. It was attended by 1880 people.Russians are not ready to give up natural meat in favor of alternatives

"According to the results of the survey, 46.7% of the respondents are categorically not ready to add meat made from vegetable protein to the menu," the study says.

37.2% of respondents agreed to diversify the menu with meat “for vegetarians”. At the same time, 16.1% of the respondents found it difficult to answer. Experts attribute this to the fact that the topic of alternative meat is not as popular as it seems at first glance. They also noted that survey participants are adherents of proper nutrition with a strict calculation of calories and daily intake of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Only 20.5% of respondents are ready to completely remove meat products from their daily diet. The majority, 62.6%, responded that they looked at meat substitution as an experiment in which they would like to participate in order to understand how often they are willing to eat an alternative substitute. Only 11.7% of respondents declared their readiness to consume meat based on vegetable protein on a daily basis, provided that the ratio of price and quality of food remains the same. Another 5.2% of survey participants answered that they prefer to do this in the rarest of cases. According to experts, the study participants are ready to take such a step for the sake of diversity, but nothing more.