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All news / Russians construct this massive drone

  • 12 Feb 2018, 11:33

The Russian company ARDN has constructed a massive drone that can be used as a field-sprayer.The drone is named SKYF and has a platform size of 5,2 x 2.2 meter. The unmanned aerial carrier platform has a weight of 250 kilogrammes and can also take 250 kilogrammes of cargo.


The 2 main rotors are driven by a petrol engine – 4 other rotors for navigation and stabilisation are driven by an electric engine.

Maximum speed can, at times, be 70 km/h and the flight-range is 350 kilometres. When the SKYF flys with a cargo of 50 kilogrammes the drone has a flight time of 8 hours.


ARDN carried out a first test-flight in 2016. The drone can also be used for other tasks than the arable application for pesticides and fertilisers. ARDN sees a huge role in logistics for marine, emergency situations and hard to reach infrastructure.