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All news / Russians do not feel the impact of Western sanctions

  • 16 Mar 2023, 11:12

The Russians practically do not feel the impact of Western sanctions, according to a journalist from the British Independent newspaper. In his opinion, despite the endless number of various restrictions, the damage to the Russian economy has not been done on such a large scale, RIA Novosti reports.Russians practically do not feel the impact of Western sanctions

Foreign journalists note that they do not observe mass unemployment, a fall in the ruble exchange rate, or lines at bankrupt banks.

Stores still offer customers a wide range of goods and products, many Western brands are available, and Russian counterparts have replaced the departed firms.

The journalist also spoke with local residents, who confirmed his opinion. According to them, nothing has changed. Although prices have risen, their level cannot be called critical, Russian residents believe. In addition, the Russians recalled that the country had known much worse times, but even then everyone managed to cope.

  Some Western companies, including McDonald's and Starbucks, have found local owners. Although Apple does not sell its products in Russia, the iPhone 14 can be bought in online stores for almost the same price as in European countries. Goods from IKEA are also available online.