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All news / Russians eat more meat

  • 15 Oct 2020, 11:16

In Russia, per capita consumption of important staple foods has increased in 2019.


According to current data from the Russian Statistical Office (Rosstat) in Moscow, average meat consumption increased by one kilogram to 76 kg per capita compared to 2018. The average consumption of vegetables, fruit and berries per capita increased by the same amount to 108 kg and 62 kg, respectively. For milk and dairy products, the statisticians recorded a significant increase of 5 kg to a total of 234 kg per capita and year. Beyond that the per capita consumption of eggs rose by 1 egg to 285 eggs.

On the other hand the average consumption of sugar with 39 kg, of vegetable oil with 14 l, of potatoes with 89 kg and of baked goods with 116 kg remained unchanged. As Rosstat also reported with regard to the supply situation on the Russian food market, the degree of self-sufficiency for meat was 97.4% and for potatoes 95.1% last year. The level for milk was 83.9% and for fruit and berries 40.2%. For vegetables, the Russian experts report a self-sufficiency rate of 87.7%.