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All news / Russia:Pork export increased by 2.5 times

  • 10 Jul 2020, 08:45

In January-May 2020, the physical volume of exports of fresh and frozen pork grew by 2.5 times compared to last year, the Federal Customs Service (FCS) reports. According to the results of the six months of this year, Russia exported about 85 thousand tons of pig products (including export to the EAEU countries), an increase of almost 90% compared to last year, Yuri Kovalev, Director General of the National Pig Breeders Union (NSS), told. Such growth rates for the first half of 2020 became possible due to an increase in deliveries to Kazakhstan by 4.8 times, Mongolia – by 3 times and Vietnam – by 1.6 times.

According to preliminary forecasts, agricultural enterprises will produce over 4.7 million tons of porkin 2020, which is 401 thousand tons or 9% more than in 2019. In 2021, the growth should be 7% up, in 2022 - 6%, in 2023 - 2%. The increase in production was planned in advance, and it will last until 2023 inclusively at the expense of soft loans, which were issued for the development of commodity production. At the same time, further development of the industry is not only unjustifiably and risky, but also strategically short-sighted, without developing the export markets of Southeast Asia since Russia achieved self-sufficiency indicators for this type of meat back in 2018, the NSS notes.

In January-May, the share of exports of food products and raw materials for their production in the product structure amounted 8.1% (in January-May 2019 - 5.2%). Compared with the first five months of last year, the cost and physical volumes of supplies increased by 20.8% and by 27.9%, respectively, according to the FCS. Meat export increased 2.2 times, poultry meat - 1.8 times, butter - 35%, milk and cream - 21.7%, wheat - 20.4%, cheese and cottage cheese - by 7.7%.