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All news / Russia's counter-sanctions will not be endless, says Medvedev

  • 12 Aug 2015, 10:21

Russian agriculture got a powerful boost when counter-measures were introduced in response to anti-Russian sanctions, but these embargoes will not remain in place forever, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said.

"Our agriculture received quite a powerful boost from the introduction of restrictive counter-measures or the food import embargo. Recently, we extended these restrictions by another year, and one has to admit that this helped agrarian firms make some achievements," Medvedev said at the first meeting of the governmental import-substitution commission on Aug.11.

Agrarian firms confirm that "their working front has become wider and opportunities to sell their products higher," he said.

"But we understand that the restrictions are important, they were extended for a year, but they will not be endless. And everyone should take advantage of this pause," the Russian prime minister said.

"It is clear that so far we are not quite able yet to replace imports entirely, for certain groups of products it will take several years," Medvedev said.