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All news / Sharp increase in meat prices in Kyrgyzstan - authorities are considering imposing restrictions on meat exports

  • 08 Oct 2020, 09:31

Over two weeks in Dzhalal Abad beef prices increased by 40 soms to 420 soms per kg.This information is confirmed by Alisher Koshaliev, the specialist at the State agency of antimonopoly regulation of Dzhalal Abad region. Prices on mutton are the same, "Azattyuk" reports. Traders say it's associated with meat exports to neighbouring Uzbekistan. In early September beef prices were at the level of 360-380 soms (ExRate KGS/USD = 79,26).

On the meat shelves of the central market of Dzalal Abad, a kilo of horse meat is sold at 350 soms. A kilogram of chuchuk costs 900 soms. In recent days, meat has risen in price in Bishkek, a kilogram costs 380-400 soms.  

Advisor to the Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic on agricultural affairs Azamat Mukashev told why meat in the country is becoming more expensive. In a conversation on the radio Sputnik Kyrgyzstan, he noted that due to the growth of meat prices, the urban population suffers primarily.

«"The government faces a dilemma whether to help farmers who have no other income, or citizens, most of whom were left without income due to the pandemic. Therefore, at the moment, the issue is being considered and the risks from the complete to partial closure of live cattle and meat exports are calculated. There is also an option for sorting livestock - this is the export of bulls only and a ban on the seed stock exports," Mukashev explained. 

He added that developed states in such cases form reserves of meat, buying it from the population, and then freeze it and send it in parts to the markets.

Source: KNEWS