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All news / Sheremetyevo Introduces New Aeromenu by Novikov

  • 21 Oct 2019, 10:44

Flying from Sheremetyevo soon? Do not forget to order a healthy and tasty meal for your flight.

This brilliant concept will provide you with fresh and tasty food during and after your flight for a very fair price! Aeromenu is a food delivery service started by Arkady Novikov, the most successful Russian restaurateur. You can order — for delivery at your gate! — a restaurant quality healthy meal, fresh juices and smoothies. The order needs to be placed at least 90 minutes before your departure or arrival for all flights from/to Sheremetyevo with all airlines, The Moscow Times reported.

We recently tried this service on a departure and we loved it! How it works? We downloaded their application Aeromenu on our phone. Menu was in Russian and in English. We placed our order and payed with a credit card (only Russian credit cards accepted). When the order was ready for delivery we got a call from Aeromenu to agree on the meeting time by the gate. The delivery girl arrived just in time with the food we ordered. We ordered a quinoa, avocado and edamame beans bowl from How to Green (the healthy section on the menu). The food turned out to be very fresh and tasty.


Aeromenu has vegetarian, kids, desserts, sandwiches and salads on the menu. We will definitely try more from their departure and arrival menu (when they deliver to the area where you pick up your bags). We gave a call to Aeromenu after our flight and checked what would happen if a person does not speak Russian. They told us that they would send a text message in English with details about the delivery.