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All news / Siberian poultry farms are ready to conquer the Chinese market

  • 26 Mar 2019, 11:41

The expanded list in addition to the 23 companies approved for poultry export to China in December included seven more poultry farms:  Tambovskaya Turkey, Prioskolye (Belgorod), Belgrankorm (Belgorod),  Uralbroiler Argayash poultry factory (Chelyabinsk region) and three Siberian poultry farms: Novosibirsk Poultry Farm, PRODO Poultry Farm Chikskaya (Novosibirsk region) and Mezheninovskaya Poultry Farm (Tomsk Region). Information about this appeared on the website of the Main Customs Administration of China on March 18, and on the website of the Rosselkhoznadzor.

Chinalogist found out about the export plans of Mezheninovskaya and Chikskaya poultry farms.

The commercial director of the Mezheninovskaya poultry farm, Vitaly Pivovarov, said, the company is now monitoring the purchase prices for frozen poultry meat in China. The poultry farm has always been distinguished by premium quality chicken, reliability, stability, high level of service. Therefore, the poultry farm cannot sell its products at low prices and in China it is now looking for purchasers intersted in high quality of poultry meat. If such partners are found, then, according to Vitaly  Pivovarov, the poultry factory will be able to export about a thousand tons of frozen chicken to China monthly.

For the first time, the Chik poultry factory will be supplying frozen chicken abroad. Prior to this, the company's products were known only in Mongolia. As Vladimir  Novgorodtsev, commercial director of the poultry farm, told ChinaLogist, the company plans to start exporting to China about 5 tons of frozen chicken legs each month. The company hopes that the  chicken legs export to China starts as soon as possible.