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All news / Slight decrease in Ukrainian poultry exports

  • 13 May 2020, 11:03

Egg shipments are the most impacted but, at the same time, imports have dropped as well.


There was a slight sign of decline in the Ukrainian poultry meat exports in the first four months of the year. According to the State Customs Service, over January-April 2020, poultry exports have dropped by 0.5% compared with the same period last year, totaling 137,850 tonnes. In monetary terms, the export of these products decreased by 10.4%, to $178.62 million, reflecting the lost value in foodservice.

Ukraine reduced egg exports by 29.4%, to 37,170 tonnes, losing 29.5% in value, to $33.44 million in the reporting period. At the same time, imports of poultry meat and eggs have declined much faster, according to statistical data. The import of poultry and offal decreased by 33.4%, to 25,870 tonnes, worth a total of $10.96 million, whilst egg imports were 56.5% down, reaching 892 tonnes worth $3.09 million (-61.5%).