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All news / Stavropol region increased poultry export by 14%

  • 01 Feb 2019, 11:17

Last year Stavropol poultry farmers exported 56 thousand tons of poultry meat, which is 14% more than in 2017. According to regional authorities, the growth was due to the development of production and new export markets.

Stavropol region provides a third of the total domestic exports of poultry meat. From 2015 to 2017 Stavropol region exports increased 2.5 times. The local bird “flies” to 35 states, including China, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and Indonesia.

"Stavropol Broiler" (GAP "Resource") has mastered halal production, its products appeared in the countries of Southeast Asia and Latin America. The company intends to increase the export of poultry meat 5-fold by 2024, bringing the production volume to 250 thousand tons.