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All news / Tajikistan’s Poultry Industry Continues To Grow

  • 04 Dec 2020, 11:22

Tajikistan appears to have continued to grow in the poultry industry.Estimates show that the country’s poultry industry has succeeded in producing nearly two percent more chicken meat in the first nine months of this year than last year.

The Ministry of Agriculture has worked out a medium-term plan to maintain this annual growth, and now it seems that these efforts have continued even in the pandemic of COVID-19.

However, despite the continued growth of production of this product, the study of the country’s markets shows that the growing trend of chicken meat prices in this country has also continued. On average, the price of chicken meat in Tajikistan compared to the same period last year, Shows a 23% increase.

Currently, the price of chicken meat in this country is $ 2.21.

Estimates by international organizations indicate that more than a third of the country’s population is food insecure.

Some experts believe that the most important problem in this country is the dependence of the poultry industry on the import of required grains. A problem that, although improved, does not seem to have been resolved.

On the other hand, according to the order of the Prime Minister of this country to ban the export of chicken meat and eggs, it seems that in order to increase the production of this country in the poultry industry should be used to reduce the costs of its citizens.