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All news / Tariff quotas have been set on the meat products import to the EAEU countries in 2021

  • 25 Sep 2020, 08:39

The decision # 102 of August 18, 2020 of of the Management Board the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) on quotas on meat and poultry imports for the EAEU countries in 2021. Russia has retained quotas on beef imports in 2021, according to the decision of the Management Board of Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC).

 The quotas on beef the imports will be 570 thousand Mt, including 40 thousand Mt of chilled beef. The quotas on poultry imports, as in previous years, will be 364 thousand Mt, including 100 thousand Mt of ground poultry meat, 250 thousand Mt of half or quarter chicken carcasses, 14 thousand Mt of frozen boneless turkey meat.

Russia introduced the TRQ in 2003. Since 2020 pork TRQ with zero customs duties has been cancelled and 25% tariff rate has been imposed.

Also the EEC approved 2021 quotas on beef imports for Armenia (for the first time) at 6 thousand Mt, for Kazakhstan at 21 thousand Mt, and for Kyrgyzstan at 5 thousand Mt. Both figures remained at last year's level.

Poultry quotas for Armenia are 44 thousand Mt (for the first time), for Belarus – 10,9 thousand Mt (including 0,9 thousand Mt of boneless turkey), for Kazakhstan – 140 thousand Mt, for Kyrgyzstan – 58 thousand Mt (these numbers are at the 2020 level as well). 

Pork quotas for Armenia is 10 thousand Mt, for Belarus – 20 thousand Mt, for Kyrgyzstan – 3,5 thousand Mt.