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All news / The largest poultry producer of Belarus is ready to produce poultry meat in Russia

  • 14 Jan 2019, 08:50

Company "Servolux", which occupies a third of the Belarusian market of broiler meat, is looking for a production platform in Russia, writes the newspaper "Kommersant". The manufacturer, which already supplies up to 80 thousand tons of products per year in the Russian Federation, will have its own capacity to protect itself in the event of trade conflicts between the two states. According to the newspaper, this may be the first case of localization of poultry meat production in Russia by Belarusian enterprise.

"Servolux" produced 192 thousand tons of poultry products (under the brand "Petruha" and other brands) in 2017. A total of 577.11 thousand tons of broiler meat were produced in Belarus in 2017, Belptisoyuz notes.

The company also manages the production of poultry feed with a capacity of 580 thousand tons per year, sausage plants for 2.5 thousand tons of products per month and other assets. The main owner is the Belarusian entrepreneur Yevgeny Baskin. Last summer the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development reported on the acquisition of an unnamed stake in the management company of Servolux Capital Ltd (issue price € 10 million).