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All news / The list of food products subject to VAT at a rate of 10% in 2019

  • 10 Jan 2019, 09:34

Last summer the President of the Russian Federation signed a law raising the basic VAT rate from 18% to 20%.At the same time the existing VAT benefits in the form of exemption from this tax, as well as a reduced VAT rate of 10%, are applied to social goods (services), some food products.

Despite the fact that social food products are sold at a preferential VAT rate, there are a lot of non-tax factors that can increase consumer prices for food.

10% VAT rate is applied according to the current documents when selling the following food products:

Livestock and poultry; meat and meat products (with the exception of delicacies: cuttings, veal, tongues, sausages - raw smoked premium, raw smoked semi-dried premium, dried jerked, stuffed premium; smoked pork, lamb, beef, veal, poultry meat - balyk, Carbonade, neck, ham, pastrami, sirloin, pork and beef, baked, canned food - ham, bacon, carrot and tongue filler);

Milk and dairy products (including ice cream produced on their basis, with the exception of fruit-based, ice-cream, fruit ice and food ice);

Eggs and egg products; vegetable oils; margarine, specialty fats, including cooking, confectionery, baking fats, milk fat substitutes, equivalents, improvers and substitutes for cocoa butter, spreads, and rendered mixtures;

Sugar, including raw sugar; salt;

Grain, mixed feed, feed mixtures, grain waste; "" oilseeds and their processed products (meals (a), oil cakes);

Bread and bakery products (including rich, sugary and donuts), cereals, flour, pasta;

Live fish (with the exception of valuable species: white salmon, Baltic and Far Eastern salmon, sturgeon (beluga, bester, sturgeon, sturgeon sturgeon, sterlet), salmon, trout (with the exception of sea fish), white salmon, chum salmon, chinook salmon, coho, muksun, omul, whitefish Siberian and Amur, chir);

Sea and fish products, including chilled fish, frozen and other types of processing, herring, canned food and preserves (with the exception of delicacies: sturgeon and salmon caviar; white fish, Baltic salmon, sturgeon - beluga, bester, sturgeon, sturgeon sturgeon, sterlet ; salmon; back and cakes nelma cold smoked; chum salmon and chinook salted, medium-salted and salmon salted; dorsum of chum salmon, chinook salmon and coho salmon cold smoked; testi of chum salmon and boletus chinook chic; k back; chira cold-smoked; preserved fillets - slices of Baltic salmon and salmon non-oriental; crab meat and sets individual limb-frozen boiled crab, lobster);

Baby and diabetic foods;

Vegetables (including potatoes).