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All news / The meat association gave a forecast for meat prices in Russia in 2023

  • 23 Jan 2023, 10:20

Prices for Russian meat and meat products will remain affordable and stable this year, said Sergey Yushin, head of the National Meat Association (NMA).The meat association gave a forecast for meat prices in Russia in 2023

“As for animal husbandry, our situation is quite stable. We really hope for a good harvest in the coming year. And I have every reason to say that prices for meat and meat products in 2023 for the consumer will remain stable,” Yushin said.

He recalled that the production of pork, turkey, broiler and cattle meat increased in the country in 2022. Next year, manufacturers, according to Yushin, will again show good results.

The head of the NMA also recalled that the industry last year updated several very important records, including the production of meat and meat products at 11.7 million tons in carcass weight, as well as an increase in meat consumption to 78 kilograms per person per year. Russia also exported meat worth a record 1.5 billion dollars and imported the minimum 500,000 tons in 25 years.

According to Yushin, export can become a key area for the development of the industry, especially since there is sufficient demand for these products in the world. "In the next 20 years, the planet needs to produce another 100 million tons of meat. The question is who will produce it - after all, there are not many countries that have sufficient climate and water resources. And it seems to me that Russia's potential in this regard should be used to the maximum ", he concluded.