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All news / The meat industry is leading in production growth

  • 25 Jan 2019, 09:47

The meat industry of the Russian Federation in 2018 became the leader in terms of production growth rates in the agricultural sector, Interfax reports.

According to Rosstat, meat production (the exception is poultry meat) reached 2.7 million tons, which is 12.4% more than in 2017. Poultry meat production fell by 0.5% to 4.8 million tons.

The production of meat and meat-containing semi-finished products grew by 7.2% to 3.3 million tons, sausages - by 1% to 2.3 million tons, canned meat decreased by 5.8% to 605 million conditional cans.

The Russian meat market in 2018 was “very emotionally saturated,” said Institute for Agricultural Market Studies (ICAR). The largest players have actively increased their production, & growth will continue in 2019. The maximum volume of domestic meat on the market has not yet been reached.

ICAR analysts estimate that in 2018 the overall growth in the production of the three main types of meat in the corporate sector was 7%.