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All news / The Ministry of Agriculture of Russia in 2022 exceeded the income plan by 10.3 times

  • 08 Jun 2023, 10:25

The Ministry of Agriculture of Russia in 2022 exceeded the revenue plan by 10.3 times compared to the established forecast, its revenues amounted to 3.4 billion rubles. This is stated in the conclusion of the Accounts Chamber on the results of the audit of budget execution in the field of agriculture. A year earlier, the Ministry of Agriculture overfulfilled the plan by 11.8 times, its revenues amounted to 2.3 billion rubles.The Ministry of Agriculture of Russia in 2022 exceeded the income plan by 10.3 times

"Executed by the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia for all administered types of income is 3,402.1 million rubles, which is confirmed by the data of the Federal Treasury. The total percentage of cash execution for all types of income amounted to 1,028.4%, or 10.3 times more than the established forecast. <…> Compared to 2021, revenues to the budget in 2022 increased by 47.8%, or by 1,091.5 million rubles (2,310.5 million rubles)," the conclusion says.

As noted in the Accounts Chamber, the overfulfillment by the Ministry of Agriculture of the income plan is mainly due to the return of the balance of interbudgetary transfers in various areas of state support. Rosselkhoznadzor, on the contrary, did not reach the planned values: 651.4 million rubles were transferred to the federal budget, which is 1.3 times lower than the forecast. The main reasons include the moratorium on scheduled inspections and the adoption of a new rule of the Code of Administrative Offenses, according to which an administrative fine is replaced by a warning if the offense is committed for the first time.

Both departments fulfilled the expenses almost in full - at the level of 99.9%. They also reduced the number of unfinished objects: the Ministry of Agriculture - by 6.7% (up to 627 objects), Rosselkhoznadzor - by 5.6% (up to 17 objects). According to the results of the year, cash execution for all state programs amounted to more than 99% and is estimated as high, auditor Sergey Mammadov noted.

Identified shortcomings

The Accounts Chamber, in the course of analyzing the State Program for the Effective Engagement of Agricultural Land in Circulation and the Development of Land Reclamation, drew attention to an almost two-fold reduction in the initial volume of financing for the construction and reconstruction of reclamation complex facilities - from 10 billion to 5.3 billion rubles. The main reason was the lack of concluded contracts for transferable facilities. As a result, some of the results related to land reclamation were not implemented. Ineffective use of budget investments in the construction of land reclamation facilities in the amount of 167 million rubles was also revealed. The amount of violations in the conduct of budgetary and accounting records in the Ministry of Agriculture amounted to 4.4 billion rubles.

As explained in the Accounts Chamber, during the audit it was found that the budget reporting of the Ministry of Agriculture did not reflect obligations to return funds to the federal budget of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Stavropol Territory and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Dagestan in the amount of 2.67 billion rubles and 1.4 billion rubles, respectively. They arose in connection with violations of budget legislation by these subjects, revealed by the results of inspections of the Federal Treasury. At the end of the audit, the budget reporting of the ministry was corrected in terms of the identified errors, and the relevant forms were amended by the Federal Treasury.

In the Rosselkhoznadzor, the audit revealed violations totaling 308.5 million rubles. Most - 286.6 million rubles - also concerned violations in the conduct of budget and accounting. In addition, violations were established in terms of the formation of a state task without establishing a quality indicator, violations of the deadlines for sending information to the register of federal property for an accounting object, as well as failure to ensure the principle of functional independence of an official authorized to carry out internal financial audit, told in the Accounts Chamber.