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All news / The number of goats and sheep in Moscow region increased by 5.3%

  • 06 Sep 2019, 09:55

On the farms of the Moscow Region, the number of goats and sheep is increasing. This was announced by Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Moscow Region Andrei Razin.

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“Over the past 7 months of this year, the numbers of small cattle — sheep and goats — increased by 5.3% compared to last year. Mostly goats of Saanen, Alpine and Nubian breeds are raised, whose milk differs little from cow's in taste and smell, ” Andrei Razin said.

According to the minister, dairy and meat goat breeding in the Moscow region is becoming popular and profitable. The growth was provided by the households of individual entrepreneurs, including farms.

“Many of our farmers consider goat breeding to be promising, and go to the status of pedigree farming. We plan to create and maintain enterprises for more than 7 thousand goats for further breeding stock, as well as commodity production. We need a little land for such projects and we are ready to allocate it, ”Andrei Razin emphasized.

In 2018, 9154 tons of goat milk were produced in the region, including 1906 tons produced by private farms and 6951 tons - by households.