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All news / Ukraine temporary suspends some beef imports from Spain

  • 26 Mar 2019, 10:32

Due to a BSE case reported in February, Spain has temporarily lost access for cattle and certain beef products to the Ukrainian market, announced the Ministry of Agriculture, Fishery and Food (MAPA) after being notified by the Ukrainian embassy.

""Following the declaration of a positive case of atypical BSE in Spain last February, the Health Authorities of Ukraine, through our Embassy in Kiev, have informed us that the importation into Ukraine of bovine cattle is temporarily prohibited of Spain as well as fresh meat with bone and mechanically separated meat", announced MAPA Spain. 
Nevertheless, the following products that can continue exporting: Milk and dairy products; Semen and embryos obtained in vivo; Gelatin and collagen obtained exclusively from skin; Fat (with a max content in insoluble impurities of 0.15%) and derivatives; Dicalcium phosphate (without protein and fat remnants); Boneless meat considered suitable for consumption; Blood or its derivatives from animals that have not been stunned with the introduction of compressed air or gas into the skull box and have not suffered a puncture of the brain.
The authorities have communicated the epidemiological situation of Spain to their counterparts in Ukraine and are expecting an answer regarding the exports of boned meat.